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Top 5 Websites to Prank Your Frenemies

Sometimes your sibling pisses you off – other times, you have an annoying neighbor or co-worker who you’d love to receive some anonymous mail. Sometimes a friend from high school should just get some random surprise & delight in their mailbox. 😏

When that’s the case, there are a number of .coms that prevail – and it’s been a blast going down the rabbit hole to identify the best of the best.

Here’s a list of our top 5 fave “revenge mail” sites (all .coms, btw):

Whether you need a heaping pile dog dung, a nice sized cow pie, or a Donkey Kong-worth bag of gorilla poo, has you covered – right at the door of your liking.

No need to go scouring sidewalks, visiting farms, or barraging through the depths of the jungle to collect and send the poop that is just right for your “loved ones”.

You know when you wear a sparkly halloween costume, or when your kid (or someone else’s) does crafts and glitter gets everywhere? Well, ya, we can all agree that sucks – it’s impossible to clean and lingers for days, weeks – and even years to come.

So, when it’s time to surprise a bestie, is the way to go. These cards are filled with so much frigging glitter that when the recipient opens the package, it’s on.

Now, there are bags of dicks – and then there are bags of dicks that you can eat (literally). To some, this may be a delight. To others, it may be offensive.

Regardless, “Go eat a bag of dicks” is one of those timeless (juvenile) insults we can all get behind. Whether it’s you telling your best friend to casually go choke on a private part, or your terse grandma telling her neighbor to “eff right off,” there’s now an easier way to send someone a message.

When the moment calls for it, just send a bag of dicks via As an added bonus, people can eat them at their leisure. Some people may enjoy this delicacy and swallow the bag in its entirety. Others may laugh it off and choke one back. But to many – especially your enemies – sending them an edible bag of dicks is the perfect pairing of insult and injury. Touché – “Go eat a bag of dicks” has never been easier to follow through on.

This is one for the books. Everyone knows when you get a branded package these days. You order a new Casper mattress, it comes in a nicely-branded Casper box – it screams it all over the packaging – visible and prominent.

But what about when you want to get back at your sibling or best friend? No better way than to surprise them with a “well-branded” package for their significant other, roommates or neighbors to see.

When this unique situation presents itself, BigAssDildos (BAD for short) has got you. Just order right on the website, and a perfectly packaged BAD will show up right at the door. The delivery person (and receiver) will either laugh hysterically or turn tomato-red at the uncomfortable and embarrassing situation. Either way, it’s a win-win.

When you need something sweet to send someone, but can’t decide what to get (even a perfectly timed birthday or holiday gift), is the place to go. There’s a wide selection of prank gifts that never get old.

Our fave – the Granny panties. Because nothing says “funny” like panties from the 1920’s.

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