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We help entrepreneurs, startups and established businesses buy premium domain names.

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What our Clients Say

"Rob is an absolute beast at tracking down domains and digital assets. I've used him on a bunch of projects over the years and highly recommend Snagged to my portfolio companies, too — if you're looking to acquire a domain, work with this guy!"

Alexis Ohanian

Co-Founder of Reddit & Founder @ 776 Fund

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Let Us Acquire Your Dream Domain

Domain Assessment

The first step is a free assessment of your desired domain name. We'll then perform cursory research on the viability of acquisition. 

Owner Research

If we believe the domain can be acquired, we'll dive into research phase to learn more about the domain owner using proprietary tools and industry comp data.


After thorough research, we'll establish contact with the domain owner and we'll negotiate based on a price that you're comfortable with. Your identity remains confidential during negotiations.

Domain Transfer

Funds are released to the seller through Escrow only after you confirm ownership of the domain. We charge a small upfront fee to cover research, outreach and communication plus a % of the final purchase price as a success fee.

Who's behind

Snagged is led by Rob Schutz, co-founder and former Chief Growth officer of Ro. Prior to co-founding Ro, Rob was the VP of Growth and the first marketing employee at Bark (NYSE:BARK), makers of BarkBox. Rob has been in the domain and digital asset industry for over a decade, is a fully certified domain nerd and is @rob on Twitter.


Looking to sell a domain?

Request exclusive Snagged representation for your domains. Our Process:

  1. Evaluation - We assess domain eligibility.

  2. Pricing - Collaborative pricing setup; create listings post-contract.

  3. Contract - Finalize contract for initiation.

  4. Listing - Market via online ads, calls, and emails:

    • Inbound: Custom landing page, lead management.

    • Outbound: Corporate outreach.

    • Auction/Newsletter: Potential inclusion.

  5. Closing - Escrow transaction via for swift payment upon transfer.

Submit your domain name(s) via our contact form.

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